Montreal Stars to give fans free pizza if they attend games next season

Montreal Stars

The Montreal Stars Canadian Women’s Hockey League team is so desperate for people to actually come to its games that not only is it eliminating the $10 entrance fee but it’s going to offer free pizza for certain games.

The change comes as the result of a new sponsorship deal, which will solve the team’s financial problems if they can guarantee at least 500 people per game. That will be difficult for certain early games, hence the free pizza.

Next year’s schedule hasn’t been set yet, but the team’s spokesperson said about a third of the games would be part of the promotion, whereby anyone who stayed past the second period would get one slice of free pizza. Double Pizza has already been brought on as the sponsor. The company has provided post-game pizzas for the team in the past and will provide game pizzas for significantly reduced costs in exchange for promotional consideration.

I’m told the free pizza will be plain.

2 thoughts on “Montreal Stars to give fans free pizza if they attend games next season

  1. Media Man

    This is interesting local hockey news, but I have a better one dealing with the Habs. I just copied this from an acquaintance on FB, so here it is.

    ” MAJOR SPORTS NEWS….Well it had to happen..with Habs’ GM Marc Bergevin pulling the trigger to get sniper Thomas Vanek in a trade..and other bold moves since he’s been here, well he’s pulled another rabbit out of the hat, which should ensure a Stanley Cup parade….Bergevin has convinced Hall of Famer Guy Lafleur to come out of retirement to give it one more last hurrah…

    Sources close to yours truly tell us that Guy has secretly been training in a suburban arena to make sure his sniper power play slap shot is back in gear and skating is back in a form to let me take part in power plays where he will be used on the second unit….

    So get’s from Vanek to Markov, over to Lafleur, he shoots, he scores..!!! Awesome !! The Flower returns…And I can just hear the Stanley Cup parade as the official start of spring…”

  2. Lorne

    In another deal completed by Montreal Stars management, the team gave Le Cage Aux Sports exclusive rights to show its games on closed circuit in their establishments in exchange for free chicken wings for all those in attendance at its games.


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