Quebec tells Marois it’s ready for a referendum now

Jean-Pierre Ferland delivers the news on behalf of Quebecers

Jean-Pierre Ferland delivers the news on behalf of Quebecers

After repeating several times that she would not hold a referendum on sovereignty until Quebecers are ready, PQ leader Pauline Marois was visibly emotional when she was told on stage during a campaign event that Quebec has decided it is ready.

“We thought we were against it,” Jean-Pierre Ferland said of Quebec’s attitude, “but in the end all we want to do is make you happy. And if a referendum is what it takes, we’re ready to make that leap with you.”

Ferland’s message came a day after all eight million Quebecers gathered at a local bar with their buddies and had a long talk about their future. There, they decided that it had to be now or never, and so they went for it. The referendum proposal was a surprise, and quickly brought the Quebec premier to tears when it happened live on stage on Monday night.

Friends of both Marois and the province said it was about time they stopped talking about the referendum and finally made it official. “I could swear she’s been planning ballot formats for years now, and figuring out which dress she’s going to wear,” said Bernard Drainville. “We can’t wait until the big day.”

Marois and the province haven’t set a date yet. “I don’t want to wait forever, that’s for sure,” Marois said. “But there’s so much planning to do. This will be the biggest day of my life, so I want it to be absolutely perfect.”

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  1. Lorne

    What was not known at the time but came out later was that Marois threatened that she would ban all restaurants from selling poutine unless the province agreed it was ready for the referendum.


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