Global Montreal has a new virtual set

Global Montreal updated its set this week. The change is mostly virtual, since everything but the desks and the talent are inserted virtually.

The anchor desk got a paint job so it’s less grey and more blue-green, and the logo is now white on dark blue instead of black on a cloudy light blue.

The virtual part of the set is also redesigned, with diagonal pillars, a darker floor, more virtual windows, and in some shots the words “Global” and “Montreal”.

The old set looked like this in January 2013:

Camille and Richard

I find it still looks a bit unrealistic, too spacious considering how small the studio actually is. But it’s the substance that matters, not the style, right?

7 thoughts on “Global Montreal has a new virtual set

  1. Durward Kirby

    To be honest, doesn’t it only look excessively large because you’ve seen the actual studio? Most people at home have never seen the inside of a television studio, real or virtual, so the size of the virtual set doesn’t matter. It can be anything they want it to be.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      doesn’t it only look excessively large because you’ve seen the actual studio?

      Possibly. My point is more that it looks odd when you see guests — say a band making a musical performance — crowding around a small area in what appears to be a very large studio.

  2. QCnewsmusic

    It’s better than the old one, but honestly it still look cheap!!!

    Yes it is horrible when there are musical guests.

    I love the Montreal view, it is more real than before. I love this picture of when Jamie is walking, it looks kinda similar to one of the view from ITV news in London. But the comparison stop there.

    And there desk, what a shame! It’s just too small and a bit ridiculous.

    Someone has to say out loud: wanna do TV? Invest some money!!! Look at City Montreal, these guys did a great studio!

  3. Dilbert

    The set with the band looks a little off, too much virtual floor that looks like cheap Quake era textures, but the rest of it is spot on and very nice to look at. It’s moves them up a notch, and unless you know the trickery involved, it’s easy to put this nearly on par with the very expensive CTV news set.

  4. ATSC

    No matter what they do with it, it will always look cheap.

    They want a virtual set to work, but they don’t seem to understand that it needs to have a certain degree of integration with a real set.

    Having a desk in the foreground, and background set keyed in will always make it look keyed in.

    I agree that CJNT-DT 62.1 (City) has a wonderful looking set. Like real people exist in it. CKMI-DT 15.1 (Global) set looks like nobody can exist in this space.

  5. Michael Black

    On one station recently, likely Global, some guest had the wrong color on. So there were places on her shirt or dress where we could “see through”. The background street scene came through where her clothing matched the green screen.

    It was amusing, but that chrome-key thing has drastically improved over the decades. I remember when it meant a green tinge around whoever was on screen.


  6. CD

    Is it just me or do the original color design of the desk look like they’re inspired from the design of the Nintendo Entertainment System (1985) on the sides?


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