9 thoughts on “Caption K103 program director Al Gravelle

  1. Trey Droll

    There was a board op at K103 Kahnawake.
    I am awake?, thought he
    If I push this slide, I might get a scare
    If it takes us off the air, who will care
    He got promoted to producer at K103 Kahnawake.

  2. pefder magfrok

    Hello? Anybody out there?

    OK, we change formats in 3… 2… 1…

    Hey everybody it’s the new K103 and up next Lady Gaga, and on the hour more celebrity news and gossip!

  3. Al Gravelle

    Al is checking out the new board in the on air studio.
    “After 39 years in broadcasting this is just as exciting as my first day in radio!”


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