Where to find country music on the radio in Montreal

As a sidebar to my story on Mohawk radio stations near Montreal, I included a list of country music stations that can be heard here, all of which transmit from off the island. Country music is very popular among Mohawks, and so it is as well on their radio stations. And with Montreal missing a big-name country music station, many assume it isn’t available here.

The list brought me one rebuke from the host of a country music program on a local station. And it’s true that there’s plenty of country music on other stations. So here’s a longer list, including the country music programs that appear on radio stations that can be heard in Montreal, based off those station’s posted program schedules.

Stations in bold should be relatively easy to hear, the rest are more difficult and can be heard only in certain parts of the Montreal region.

This list doesn’t include shows playing folk music, blues or other related genres. It also doesn’t include all-request shows, local artist programs or others where much of the music might be country but the show itself isn’t limited to the genre.

I’m almost certain to have missed some show or some station. If you know of another show to add to this schedule, or a correction to an existing one, leave a comment below.

8 thoughts on “Where to find country music on the radio in Montreal

  1. marie clement

    Good articles in Gazette. Regarding the CRTC hearings coming up, thank you for enlightening us. That article will become my bible. I like the idea of the pick-a-pack where I can choose what I put in the pack. It reminds me a little of the grocery cart and what I choose to put in! I hope the CRTC decides to give customers more flexibility. Anyway, good article. You should write more often.

  2. Al Gravelle

    The weekday format of K103.7FM is a mix of todays current hits rock & pop with a great mix of oldies that go back to the 60s,70s, 80s and 90s.

    By the way, the host of the “All Request Outlaw Country Show” on K103 from 6pm -10pm Saturday night is Vonna Mayo

    1. Fagstein Post author

      And CKHQ is almost impossible to hear on the island. In general, people in western and southern parts of the island have a better chance of hearing country music.


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