Marie-France Bazzo leaves Radio-Canada morning show after 19 months

Marie-France Bazzo, the host of ICI Radio-Canada Première’s Montreal radio morning show C’est pas trop tôt, surprised listeners this morning by announcing she was leaving the show because of a disagreement over the “orientation of the show.”

The news has been confirmed by Radio-Canada. It takes effect on April 3.

Bazzo, who was the first woman in the post, succeeding René Homier-Roy in 2013, also hosts on Télé-Québec. Before taking the job at Radio-Canada, she was a contributor to Paul Arcand’s morning show on 98.5 FM.

Richard Therrien of Le Soleil says the rumour is Radio-Canada wasn’t happy with the amount of time Bazzo was devoting to this show versus her other projects. That makes sense. We could have a long discussion about Quebec TV and radio hosts who have several regular jobs that you’d think would all be full-time gigs.

UPDATE: Rumours are already circulating about a possible replacement: Former TQS anchor and duo-tang nemesis Jean-Luc Mongrain.

4 thoughts on “Marie-France Bazzo leaves Radio-Canada morning show after 19 months

  1. Mario D

    Something was missing in that show. The host was o.k. so was the team around her but it just did not seem to glue together. Not an easy assignment to be a morning man , it takes a few years and then you find out. Not surprised though that in a very troubled era at radio-canada Bazzo chooses to give her energies to her other projects.
    What is also awkward is that outside of MTL regional cbc stations were schools for personalities to climb up the stairs towards MTL`s market…One has to wonder if there are such new faces and voices in the french network ready and/or willing to take over.
    I hope that the Mongrain rumor remains as is. Seen that, been there bought a t-shirt. Is it the CBC`s mandate to win the ratings war ?


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