MTL Blog to launch sister site covering National Assembly

MTL Blog, the ultra-popular viral news site, isn’t just expanding to Toronto, it’s also becoming only the second online-only journalism outlet to open a bureau at the National Assembly in Quebec City.

NatAss Blog, set to launch in a few weeks, will bring MTL Blog’s unique brand of award-winning journalism to Quebec politics. “Our goal is to turn it from boring to scoring,” the site’s┬ápress release says. A NatAss correspondent hasn’t been named yet, but “we’re well into the process of selecting” one, it says.

NatAss Blog promises stories not just about what bills are being presented and debated on the hill, but what goes on “behind the scenes” and in the personal lives of lawmakers and others who work there.

I haven’t seen any full stories yet, but some headlines from prewritten stories have been leaked. They include:

  • 10 best NatAss cafeteria menu items
  • 15 MNAs who are crazy about Nutella
  • 5 hottest PQ leadership candidates
  • Lorraine Richard’s 10 best places to eat in Quebec City
  • You won’t guess what the government spent $38,296 on last week
  • The 12 most insane provisions of Bill 193
  • Here’s a picture of a homeless man jerking off on Rue des Parlementaires
  • 20 reasons the Nordiques are totally coming back
  • 17 myths about the CAQ
  • 10 crazy ways to have fun during a budget lockup
  • The changes to the healthcare system that will totally make you facepalm
  • It’s official, Sylvain Rochon is joining the Committee on Citizen Relations
  • 19 political aides who are rumoured to be sleeping with the enemy

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