TSN invents new sport of Canadaball

Trying to find creative ways of filling airtime now that Rogers has won the rights to NHL games, and with only so many new curling tournaments it can create, TSN has put its creative minds to work creating a new summer sport called Canadaball, and a league that it will own and have the exclusive rights to broadcast.

The sport, played indoors 12 months a year, consists of two teams of eight players each trying to get a ball in each other’s net. It’s sort of a cross between hockey, lacrosse and football, “except with the excitement factor turned up to 11,” the press release reads.

Full details of the rules are expected in the coming weeks, and the network says it will go on a national tour to promote the new sport and recruit players. Games should start being played this fall.

3 thoughts on “TSN invents new sport of Canadaball

  1. Bruce Harris

    Hahaha you’re really having fun with us today. I can’t tell what’s real and what’s April fools day.
    Good work.

  2. Media Man

    I also understand on this very special April 1st that the Canadiens have that they’ve signed Habs legend Ken Dryden to a three month contract as an experienced back-up to Carey Price for the playoffs as insurance.
    Details to be released later today.

  3. Lorne

    TSN has also announced that if the sport catches on, they would try to sell it to other countries. The first foreign country would be the US where the game would be called USBall and EPSN would be approached to cover the games.


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