Tributes for CJAD’s Tom Armour

Over the past few months I’ve gotten occasional queries about Tom Armour, the weekend morning news anchor at CJAD. He disappeared from the air, and no one outside the station seemed to know why.

Last week came official news that Armour has retired. The career retrospective by Shuyee Lee interviews people who worked with Armour, but notably doesn’t include any clips or quotes from the man himself.

I never met Armour, and have nothing personal to add, so I’ll just compile some comments posted on social media by people who do know him.

4 thoughts on “Tributes for CJAD’s Tom Armour

  1. Sheldon Fried

    I had the honour in working with Tom Armour for many years. He was an absolute joy and a true gentleman. He was more than a consummate professional, he was my friend. He was one of the first people to go out of his way to call me once I left CJAD and he gave me inspiration along with very friendly advice. He cared about everyone who he worked with and I was very fortunate and privileged in working with such a wonderful person. I wish him all the very best in his retirement, continued health, happiness, and peace. Take care and be well Tom!

  2. Sol Boxenbaum

    In the five years that I was on air overnight on CJAD I had the privelage of working with Tom on Saturday mornings. He was truly among the finest newscasters in the history of local radio. I wish you many years of relaxation in your retirement, Tom.

  3. joe cannon

    tom is the best…ive seen them all believe me…they come no better than than tom…the kindest ,smartest most erudite broadcaster of the last 40 years..and rarely got credit for it because he was low profile..not caring about ego or attention…just the best…

  4. trancefonik

    what ever happened to Joe Cannon anyway?

    I ran into his cousin, Canada’s ambassador to France, a while back in Paris and even he did not know where Joe was. He has gone somewhere in the US he thought. Did he just go to Florida to retire in the sun or is he still in radio down there? hmmmm anyone got any info on this? He was a great morni ng man at one time …… my fav of all time is still George Balcan though !!!


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