Derick Fage hired as Breakfast Television Montreal co-host

Derick Fage (Rogers Media photo)

Derick Fage (Rogers Media photo)

Less than three weeks after officially announcing the departure of Alexandre Despatie, Rogers Media has announced his replacement: Derick Fage, a host on the Rogers TV community channel in Ottawa who has filled in as host at BT Montreal this year.

He starts Jan. 4. Wilder Weir, who has been co-hosting with Joanne Vrakas in the interim, returns to his role as Live Eye reporter, in addition to being the host of Sportsnet Central Montreal.

“Derick’s contagious energy makes him a perfect fit for the Breakfast Television format. We believe Montreal viewers will look forward to waking up with Derick and Joanne for their daily dose of entertainment, news, and lifestyle information.”
— Jordan Schwartz, Vice President, In-House Productions, Rogers, in their press release

6 thoughts on “Derick Fage hired as Breakfast Television Montreal co-host

  1. Carl

    “who has filled in as host at BT Montreal this year.” I watch BT all the time, never seen this guy in my life. I see Elias and Wilder host all the time. Do you mean BT Toronto?

  2. costs nick dile

    Hi there I really want too say thank you derik fage for making me feeling happy hearing how you annoued my birthday iam a real big habfans with the Stanley Cup tattoo on my arm with a habs logo and #1 habsfan Go! Habs Go!


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