Renato Zane leaves City Montreal

Renato Zane

Renato Zane

The summer broadcasting staff shuffling continues.

The man brought in a year ago to take over from the departing Bob Babinski as head of City TV’s local operations in Montreal has left his post.

“Renato decided to leave us…we were sad to see him go :(” writes Rogers Media’s Michelle Lomack, emoticon and all.

Zane couldn’t be reached for comment.

Lomack said Rogers plans to replace the position and hire a new managing producer for Breakfast Television.

5 thoughts on “Renato Zane leaves City Montreal

  1. Marco

    I met Renato a few times. I know that he was struggling with the staff both on an off camera. Cheers to a classy man! All the best to you. Marko

  2. kelly

    Rogers just let the Cityline producer Chrissy go. She was there for 40+ years and did not even get a proper send off. Staff were told Renato retired…..

  3. Toasted

    Seeing that Rogers is looking to get out of its morning show commitment, maybe Renato’s departure is not such a surprise.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Seeing that Rogers is looking to get out of its morning show commitment

      It’s not. Rogers accepts that City Montreal will need to broadcast 14 hours of local programming a week during its next licence term, and there’s no realistic option for that other than a local morning show.

  4. John

    I worked with Renato at Omni for several years. He was a mentor, teacher and role model to all of us who worked under his direction.. When the opportunity came up for Renato to relocate to work in Montreal he was excited. He gave all of us every indication that this was for the long term. This does not make sense.


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