Media News Digest: FPJQ award finalists, TVA launches app, Gannett cuts hundreds of U.S. newspaper jobs

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  • Finalists for the FPJQ’s Judith Jasmin awards have been announced. The awards honour the best in Quebec journalism. Since you’re looking for the penis-measuring stuff, here’s how it breaks down by organization:
    • La Presse: 9 (including a sweep of the opinion category)
    • Radio-Canada: 5
    • Le Devoir: 2
    • Montreal Gazette (Postmedia): 2
    • Journal de Montréal (Quebecor): 2
    • Le Droit (Capitales Médias): 1
    • Le Guide de Montréal-Nord (TC Media): 1
    • Canal D (Bell Media): 1
  • Speaking of the FPJQ, the organization also does its elections during its annual conference. The candidate for president is a familiar name to anglo Montrealers: CTV’s Stéphane Giroux, who has been on the board for three years.
  • CBC executives appeared before the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage on Tuesday. We didn’t learn much that’s new (mainly politicians questioning their competition for ad dollars and dealing with pet gripes), but I wrote a story about it anyway for
  • Val d’Or police officers are suing Radio-Canada because of an Enquête program that broadcast allegations of abuse and assault of local aboriginal people.

At the CRTC

  • The commission has released its annual Communications Monitoring Report. Look at all the statistics! There’s enough of them to push whatever agenda you want. But generally, traditional broadcasting is in slow decline, TV subscriptions are flat (as the population grows), and specialty TV channels generally still make a lot of money. One concerning statistic though, young people (ages 12-24) listen to half the traditional radio that other age groups do (partly because of technological changes, but party I’m thinking because that group doesn’t have cars).
  • The commission issued a series of mandatory orders against broadcasters who were using licences for tourist information stations in Surrey, B.C., to broadcast general programming.





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3 thoughts on “Media News Digest: FPJQ award finalists, TVA launches app, Gannett cuts hundreds of U.S. newspaper jobs

  1. Marc

    Parents went ballistic after the editorial board at a student newspaper in Colorado Springs endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, some even going so far as to insist the school board punish them in some way.

    I don’t agree with punishing them; that’s too much. They’ll just learn the traditional way about being wrong. Fact is, Trump is on his way to winning a crushing majority of the electoral college.

  2. dilbert

    The Corus station in Toronto has pretty much always been a loser. I can remember when they tried to do it as “radio for guys” or whatever, and that totally failed, even when they brought what was at the time one of the biggest morning duos (Humble and Fred) from the Edge to try to get things moving. For whatever reason, they seem totally unable to get traction in the marketplace.

  3. Dave

    Regarding Sharon Hyland “especially when they’re not the biggest name there” ~ wow, I wouldn’t say that to her many listeners. Who else is the Queen of Rock in Montreal? Who else is requested by the likes of Dennis De young, Roger Hodgson, Sam Roberts, The Damn Truth and many others to intro their Montreal shows? Congrats on being a consistent announcer and here’s to another 20 years as one of montreal’s biggest names on radio!!!!


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