Media News Digest: Shaw shuts Kenora TV station, Le Devoir’s new smartphone app, Barry Morgan speaks

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  • I tried to get some clarification from the CRTC about the status of CFNV 940 AM, whose deadline to launch passed on Nov. 21. A spokesperson tells me: “As per staff information and on the Commission’s record, 7954689 Canada Inc. has informed the Commission that it was ready to commence operations. A licence will be issued once the Commission will have received a copy of all the documents from the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Ministry.” Further clarification later: “The applicant has advised the Commission before its deadline and the deadline was met.” So the station can launch legally without requesting a further extension. We’re still waiting on a decision from the commission on an extension request for the English-language station at 600 AM, whose deadline passed Nov. 9.
  • The commission is cutting staff at its regional offices as it restructures to work more virtually. The offices will remain open, but will have reduced services for the public. It used to be to read applications at the CRTC you had to go to a regional office and look through files. Now, everything is available online, and about the only time you hear about regional offices are when talking about individual commissioners or when someone appears at a hearing via teleconference.
  • Now that a new francophone commissioner has been named (albeit temporarily), the CRTC has restarted the process of reviewing the French-language music quota for French-language commercial radio stations. A hearing date has not been set.
  • The commission has approved (with no public process) transfers of ownership of two independent TV specialty channels:
    • GameTV, from Kilmer Enterprises (owned mainly by Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment chairman and minority owner Lawrence Tanenbaum) to Leonard Asper’s Anthem Sports & Entertainment (which also owns Fight Network and FNTSY Sports Network) for $4 million. GameTV is one of the few specialty services to not charge a wholesale fee to TV providers. It’s unclear if this will continue under its new owner. The acquisition was announced in August. Asper tells the commission the channel is unprofitable, but synergies might help the group turn toward profitability.
    • OUTtv, from James Shavick to Ronald N. Stern (via several holding companies), for $850,000. Stern is a major entrepreneur, and owns FP Newspapers, which owns the Winnipeg Free Press.





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3 thoughts on “Media News Digest: Shaw shuts Kenora TV station, Le Devoir’s new smartphone app, Barry Morgan speaks

  1. dilbert

    “Leslie Roberts, the new guy at CJAD, stopped by CTV for an interview.”

    Really, that’s news? Bell (the radio company) hired an ex Bell (the TV company) talking head, and to promote him on their radio stations he is suddenly “news” for CTV but not really for anyone else?

    It’s called promotion, not news, and it’s what you get in a near monopoly marketplace.

  2. It's Me

    Curious where you found the info about OUTtv being sold? I didn’t see anything on the CRTC”s website or a quick internet search doesn’t find anything either.


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