Media News Digest: 2017 predictions, new native radio stations, Norway drops FM

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  • Norway has begun the process of shutting down FM radio, which though it was announced two years ago has gained attention across the world in the past week. (I gave a series of interviews with CBC Radio stations today.) Journalists in other countries are wondering if they could be next. In Canada, at least, that’s just not happening. Digital radio here is still in its infancy.
  • There was no announcement of this, but CHLX-FM, the RNC Media radio station in Gatineau that became a Rythme FM affiliate, has dropped that affiliation and adopted the brand of WOW FM. On Facebook, the station has been telling listeners the change was made to become “100% local”
  • La Voix de St-Lo, the community radio station based in the Centre communautaire Bon Courage de Place Benoit in Saint-Laurent, is moving toward getting the station’s low-power FM transmitter, which was approved last summer, operational. A consultation was held in December about installing the antenna tower, a website has been set up, and the Industry Canada database lists a callsign for it: CJPB-FM. When it’s operational, it will broadcast at 90.7 FM, but its coverage won’t extend much beyond the eastern part of the Saint-Laurent borough.
  • An elementary school has set up a web radio station as an education aid for students.



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5 thoughts on “Media News Digest: 2017 predictions, new native radio stations, Norway drops FM

  1. Dorothy Lipovenko

    funny you should ask, I was just thinking the same thing realizing I hadn’t heard Lagace in a while.

  2. dilbert

    I am starting to wonder if the CRTC is one of those institutions that will get radically changed in the next while. The Trudeau government seems to be quite specifically ignoring things over there for now, perhaps waiting for the right moment to decapitate it and come up with something new.


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