Media News Digest: CRTC hiring, Chronicle-Herald strike hits 1 year, layoffs at Postmedia

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  • With the commission’s seats slowly emptying out, the federal government has finally started the process of filling them, posting notices for several jobs: chair, vice-chair broadcasting, and members for Ontario and Manitoba/Saskatchewan. Deadlines to apply are Feb. 20. The non-chair positions say that “With the exception of decision-making responsibilities, Members report to the Chairperson,” which is actually a point under some contention at the moment in a legal appeal by the former Ontario member, Raj Shoan. Chair Jean-Pierre Blais’s term ends this year, but the posting of his position doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be re-appointed.
  • The commission has approved the purchase, for $1.5 million, of a majority stake (80.1% of voting shares, 50% of non-voting shares) of World Fishing Network to Keywest Marketing, owned by Canadians Mark Yelic and Hugh McKinnon.





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2 thoughts on “Media News Digest: CRTC hiring, Chronicle-Herald strike hits 1 year, layoffs at Postmedia

  1. dilbert

    I will gladly talk about mental health any other day EXCEPT the day that our corporate overlords have decided to do it. The whole process smacks of corp-shill “keep the CRTC happy” and has nothing to do with any real notable concern. There are actually stories circulating about at least one person losing their job at a Bell station for discussing their issues on air outside of the “special day”.

    1. Media Man

      And not to mention for the several past years, all the layoffs, people who had group insurance which usually includes general coverage for visits to psychiatrists or psychologists when referred to by a medical practitioner..

      And these people get replaced by contract workers who get short shrift and no coverage.. So like you, I didn’t fall for the hashtagging smoke and mirrors PR show


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