Media News Digest: PKP’s back at Quebecor, TVO backtracks on TV transmitter shutdown, RIP Stuart McLean

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  • The federal government has extended until March 6 the deadline to apply for four CRTC commissioner positions, including chairman.
  • RIDE TV, a specialty channel all about horses, has been approved for distribution in Canada. Telus applied for the authorization.
  • The commission has formally revoked the licence of CJBN-TV Kenora, Ont., after Shaw decided not to renew the tiny-market station’s licence. The station, which wasn’t part of the Global TV network, shut down on Jan. 27. Its local programming continues on the local Shaw community TV channel.
  • Radio station CKRW (The Rush) in Whitehorse has applied to the CRTC to temporarily switch its main transmitter from a 50-year-old 1,000-watt AM transmitter to its FM retransmitter, after getting an engineering report that the AM antenna has degraded to the point where it is no longer safe. The temporary switch will be followed by another application to do the same thing on a permanent basis. CKRW also has seven other transmitters in Yukon and one in the Northwest Territories.
  • Former CRTC Quebec commissioner Suzanne Lamarre has joined law firm Therrien Couture, where she will work at its St-Hyacinthe office.





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2 thoughts on “Media News Digest: PKP’s back at Quebecor, TVO backtracks on TV transmitter shutdown, RIP Stuart McLean

  1. Michael Black

    And we now have Ion TV in Montreal. WCAX, channel 3 had it yesterday. I thought we’d lost the Movies! subchannel, but ty added a third, a big change from a few years ago when they used their subchannel for weather.

    I thought I’d looked more recently, but apparently it’s been there since Feb 11.

    The bad news is that it’s Ion TV. Mostly recent crime shows, and mostly multiple episodes of a single show each day. So we get a whole other channel, but very little variety. But if you like the shows, it’s great.

    I’ve even been getting FOX in recent months, though sporadically. Scanning for channels would include it, but I wasn’t actually receiving it. I’m not sure if they rearranged something or my shifting the antenna made reception better. So I lack only the elusive ABC.


    1. J

      There seems to be some info coming out about the FCC repack. Also about ATSC 3.0 moving forward.

      OTA Montreal Twitter is indicating that WCAX will move from RF 22 to RF 20.

      WPTZ last week reported that Vermont PBS will shutdown it’s Windsor transmitter (WVTA), and receive a cash payment from the FCC.

      It looks like the FCC’s latest frequency auction is done. And it looks like TV will only be using Channels 2 – 36 going forward. If that is true, then this should effect WCFE (RF 38), WFFF (RF 43), CFHD (RF 47), CJNT (RF 49). I guess they have to move to new frequencies to use.

      Perhaps we can get some sort of round up as to what is going on, and how this might, or will effect Montreal area viewers using OTA for TV.


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