Media News Digest: Pulitzers, lawsuit settlements, NHL playoffs, Aislin’s 50th

Now that it looks like it’s finally dying down, here’s who’s written about that Andrew Potter Maclean’s piece and McGill’s reaction to it, in alphabetical order (not including letters to the editor or social media posts):

  1. Paul Adams, iPolitics
  2. Jérémie Bédard-Wien, Ricochet
  3. Frédéric Bérard, Métro
  4. Denise Bombardier, Journal de Montréal
  5. Ann Brocklehurst
  6. Michael Byers, Globe and Mail
  7. Lucinda Chodan, Montreal Gazette
  8. Colby Cosh, National Post
  9. Andrew Coyne, National Post
  10. Dan Delmar, Montreal Gazette
  11. Raymond J. de Souza, National Post
  12. Bernard Drainville, 98.5fm
  13. Sophie Durocher, Journal de Montréal
  14. Sophie Durocher again, Journal de Montréal
  15. Joseph Facal, Journal de Montréal
  16. Michael Friscolanti, Maclean’s
  17. Lysiane Gagnon, La Presse
  18. Jamie Gilcig, Cornwall Free News
  19. Scott Gilmore, Maclean’s
  20. Matt Gurney, The Walrus
  21. Graeme Hamilton, National Post
  22. Allison Hanes, Montreal Gazette
  23. Trevor Hanna, Ricochet
  24. Michael Harris, iPolitics
  25. Joseph Heath, In Due Course
  26. Chantal Hébert, Toronto Star
  27. Barbara Kay, National Post
  28. Jonathan Kay, The Walrus
  29. Philippe Labrecque, Huffington Post Québec
  30. Patrick Lagacé, La Presse
  31. Patrick Lagacé in English, Globe and Mail
  32. Josée Legault, Journal de Montréal
  33. Josée Legault again, Journal de Montréal
  34. Peter Loewen, National Post
  35. Emmett Macfarlane, Maclean’s
  36. Don Macpherson, Montreal Gazette
  37. Candice Malcolm, Toronto Sun
  38. Mylène Moisan, La Presse
  39. Éric Montpetit, Globe and Mail
  40. Brian Myles, Le Devoir
  41. Michèle Ouimet, La Presse
  42. Natalie Pendergast, Journal Pioneer
  43. Nathalie Petrowski, La Presse
  44. Joseph Quesnel, Local XPress
  45. Lise Ravary, Journal de Montréal
  46. Sandrine Ricci, Ricochet
  47. Chris Selley, National Post
  48. Michel Seymour, Huffington Post Québec
  49. Evan Solomon, Maclean’s
  50. Michael Taube, Troy Media
  51. William Watson, National Post
  52. Daniel Weinstock, In Due Course
  53. Ira Wells, Literary Review of Canada
  54. Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail
  55. Suzanne Wexler, Huffington Post
  56. Peter Wheeland, Cult MTL
  57. Barry Wilson, CTV Montreal


News about news

At the CRTC

  • As mandated by the CRTC once every two years, CBC Quebec is holding a public consultation with the anglophone community on May 2 in Montreal. Attendance is free and open, but you’re asked to RSVP.
  • First notice of hearing in a while. The applications:
    1. A low-power Native FM station in Potlotek First Nation in St. Peter’s, N.S.
    2. Converting a 5W developmental community FM station in Val-des-Lacs (106.5 FM, near Mont Tremblant) to a low-power community station.
    3. A new French-language community radio station in Ottawa-Gatineau at 1350 AM. This station would use the same frequency, site and signal as the former Radio Centre-Ville Ville-Marie (CIRA-5) retransmitter there (1000W daytime, 180W nighttime).
    4. Dufferin Communications (Evanov Radio) acquiring Christian music station CFWC-FM Brantford, Ont., from Sound of Faith Broadcasting, for $440,000.
    5. Dufferin converting ethnic station CKJS Winnipeg (810 AM) from AM to FM (92.5 MHz, 35,000W). In its application, the company reveals sister station CFJL-FM (Hot 100.5) has lost $700,000 in four years.
    6. A corporate re-organization at Blackgold Broadcasting


(Note that NBC staff here is for Game 1 of each series only.)





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6 thoughts on “Media News Digest: Pulitzers, lawsuit settlements, NHL playoffs, Aislin’s 50th

  1. Charles Everett

    Actually, it’s Boston and Pittsburgh that won’t get to choose between local and national Stanley Cup telecasts. Philadelphia didn’t qualify for the Cup tournament.

  2. Mimo

    Slight correction. The Gatineau station would be using the former facilities of Radio Ville-Marie, not Radio Centre-Ville.

  3. Mario D.

    Wow ! Great read, great work sir ! Have not begun to get close to finish reading and wanted to comment on the McLean thing …

    I just find it sad that we ,as a society and a country ,are not going forward and always fall into the same traps. I will not go into the political point of views because i too would fall in the same old trap but i wonder why we can never start with the simple facts in mind. French Canada and English Canada are different, have always had differences (!!!) but managed to live in peace while respecting our opinions. If you venture into trying to talk about it from the english side you better be ready to face the first line of defense that quite often has nothing to do with the point you are trying to make.

    It s as if by living together we forget that we are culturally different. Two solitudes.
    They do exist and one needs to keep that in mind when talking about the other. Proof has been made that we can live together somehow but we should know better that s all. Simply because the points we are trying to make even with good intentions will be drowned in the same basic pool in which we have been soaking for ages…

    You see ? I am going round in a circle trying not to step on anyone’s toes while wondering if i should or not post this comment. That is what McLean should have done….


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