Media News Digest: Radio ratings, Dutrizac replaced, QCNA awards

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  • The CRTC has told Bell TV it cannot limit customers to one custom package of 10 channels and consider that compliant with its new pick-and-pay rules. It has given them until July 1 to come into compliance.
  • Groupe Serdy has filed a request to lower its Canadian programming expenditures quota for Canal Évasion from 46% to 32% of revenues. The independent company argues that 32% is the average for its competitors, who have the benefit of group licensing. Serdy says this is a transitional measure until its licence term is up on Aug. 31, 2018. It plans to request a group licence for Évasion and Zeste.
  • The commission has approved a request from Neeti P. Ray, who bought Montreal ethnic station CKIN-FM, to redirect all its remaining tangible benefits funds from the transaction to Concordia University’s journalism program. Normally set percentages of such benefits go to music funds like Radio Starmaker and FACTOR, and a bit to the Community Radio Fund of Canada. The licensee argued that such small funds ($5,918 a year) would have a bigger impact if they went to one recipient. Unsaid in the application and decision is that Concordia will show more public gratitude for such a donation than the music funds.
  • RNC Media’s CHXX-FM (Pop 100.9) is asking the CRTC to delete conditions of licence requiring a studio in and local programming for Donnacona, the community west of Quebec City that the station is formally licensed to serve. The condition is to prevent the station from becoming another de facto Quebec City station, which RNC Media seems to argue is no longer required. The station was originally licensed in 1995 to the owner of a newspaper serving the Portneuf region, and a condition of licence was imposed to prevent it from competing directly with Quebec City stations. It was acquired by RNC Media 10 years later.
  • The Quebec government is asking the CRTC to review its licence renewal decisions, in light of the removal of a requirement related to Séries+.






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