Media News Digest: Inaccessible information, FPJQ finalists, and an interview with Bell’s Randy Lennox

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  • The CRTC is holding a hearing Jan. 11 at which it will consider measures related to two radio stations with severe compliance issues: CFOR-FM Maniwaki and CKFG-FM Toronto. Both are accused of failing to meet a series of licence conditions and regulatory requirements, and could face sanctions as high as losing their licences.
  • The notice for the same hearing includes details on the Bell acquisition of four FM stations in Ontario from Larche Communications. The deal is worth $15.64 million.
  • Finally, three applications for new radio stations, all Christian music stations by different owners: Sydney, N.S., Regina, and Kelowna/Kamloops, B.C. Deadline for comments on all three of these is Nov. 24.
  • The coming review of mandatory distribution orders has all the applicants pushing for public support. AMI, APTN, Canal MTV5 and the Weather Network have put up websites asking for people to write letters of support to the CRTC. (TWN even has a video to guide people through the process.)
  • The commission is giving Cogeco an extension until March 31 to implement changes to its customer service contract required by the new TV service provider code that went into effect on Sept. 1. Cogeco said an “internal structuring project” was delayed, which meant it couldn’t meet the deadline.





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3 thoughts on “Media News Digest: Inaccessible information, FPJQ finalists, and an interview with Bell’s Randy Lennox

  1. Mona

    Love your blog, wish you wouldn’t link to subscription sites though, was interested in that Bell Media one but not going to sign up or subscribe to anything more….

    1. Fagstein Post author

      I try to link to non-paywalled sites where possible, but the Randy Lennox interview wasn’t available elsewhere. In any case, the big facts from that interview are listed here.


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