Media News Digest: FPJQ winners, newspaper section shuffles, BNN hires Amanda Lang

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  • A column by the very funny Rosalie Bonenfant on Énergie 94.3 in Montreal (on the morning show co-hosted by her mother Mélanie Maynard) last November about femininity and men prompted one listener to write to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council complaining that her monologue was targeting all men, accusing them all of being sexual aggressors. Yes, folks, someone actually complained that #NotAllMen. The CBSC’s decision (English, French) notes that Bonenfant’s statements in context are pretty clear and don’t accuse “all” men of anything.
  • Corus is creating more multi-market content for its talk stations. Alex Pierson has a new show that will air weeknights on stations in Toronto, London and Hamilton. Toronto’s AM640 and Hamilton’s AM 980 will also add Charles Adler’s show, which already airs on other Corus talk stations in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. Both Adler and Pierson were previously hosts on Sun News Network.
  • CKRP-FM, a French-language community station in Falher, Alta., has pulled the plug, with a lack of volunteers to keep it running.



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1 thoughts on “Media News Digest: FPJQ winners, newspaper section shuffles, BNN hires Amanda Lang

  1. Bill

    It is good to know that Paul Godfrey has added those new titles/duties to his resume. He can now continue on his fine work of running Canadian newspapers. Into the ground.


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