Media News Digest: Conflicts in sports broadcasting, CBC livestreams, CHOM kills Montreal Rocks

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  • The commission has published applications from the big English and French-language TV broadcasters related to a Canadian government order to the CRTC to review its recent licence renewals. Generally, they propose increasing slightly their quotas for programs of national interest, giving bigger CanCon credits for documentary and music programming, and lowering other CanCon quotas. They also are calling for licences that expire in 2020 rather than 2022, because of how fast the industry is changing.






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4 thoughts on “Media News Digest: Conflicts in sports broadcasting, CBC livestreams, CHOM kills Montreal Rocks

  1. Mediaman

    What can I say, Sunday nights is almost dead zone for radio, but to leave rock station decisions in the hands of news talk PD is a recipe for potential disaster..
    These two shows were excellent fill-in type content for a Sunday..

    If Bury needs bench strength, then why not add a live body on the all night gig. I like someone talking at 2 in the morning between tracks.

    I alluded to this thinking when they let go of music director and assistant PD Picard.

  2. Brett

    Though stations by Evanov Radio where added to the new iheart radio app they didn’t work. Tried listening to Jewel 106.7 and it was silent. Though app stopped working so switched to Virgin Radio and it worked.

    Further more I tried Evanov Radio stations in Toronto same issue. Not sure why Bell would list but not play.

  3. Mari

    What are your thoughs on the current south of the US Net Neutrality possibly coming to an end? How could this affect the Canadian media for anyone to access it in the US? I hope from my perspective that cooler heads prevail and net nutrality is sustained at it’s current level so to speak. Mark

  4. Louie De Palma

    They did right to kill net neutrality in my view.

    Aaaand, so? Once the hollering and screeching halted, did we have an adult conversation about Campbell or not? That he neglected to bring up other people may have been an oversight but doesn’t negate his point.


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