CBC begins search for new sports couple who can be coy about a possible sexual relationship

With two years to go until the next Olympic Games, CBC says it can waste no time in preparing the groundwork for another beloved sports couple who can capture Canadians’ hearts by having them constantly question whether the two are secretly boning.

To that end, the broadcaster is launching a new reality show in which amateur athlete pairs compete to be the next couple who will create buzzworthy moments and maybe appear on Ellen simply because their interaction in competition is face-meltingly hot but they refuse to answer questions about whether they’re actually romantically involved.

CBC admits that beyond pairs figure skating and ice dance, there aren’t too many sports that fit the mold. “There’s mixed couples curling, but there aren’t that many long embraces in that sport,” said Canadian Olympic Committee organizer Josh Natreel. “There are some potentially sexy sports like beach volleyball and wrestling, but it’ll definitely take some creativity to take this to other fields of competition. We’re currently in talks with the International Olympic Committee to see if there aren’t other ways to include mixed pairs in competitions and make them as sexy as possible.”

CBC’s competition, which is open to heterosexual couples as well as homosexual ones, will include advanced seduction techniques and communication strategy sessions to teach them how to on one hand make it clear they’re not sleeping together but on the other hand leave the door open to the idea that they may be lying about that.

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