Quebec to require Netflix content be 50% louder in French

Besides imposing a sales tax on the streaming giant, Quebec is also making a demand of Netflix related to its content: It wants French-language movies, films and other videos to be at least 50% louder than their English counterparts.

Under new rules announced this week, Netflix content distributed in Quebec will be monitored by inspectors of the Office québécois de la langue française to ensure that, where content is available in both languages, the French version is predominantly louder.

“It’s an extension of our French-language charter and we expect the population will be in favour of it,” said Premier Philippe Couillard. “The preponderance of French is ingrained in who we are and we expect Netflix will recognize that and happily comply.”

Netflix has not said whether it would comply with the new order.

1 thoughts on “Quebec to require Netflix content be 50% louder in French

  1. Louis De Palma

    You bastard. You got me. Well done! But are we really that far off from that? I wonder.

    My daughter is still being shipped off though – more opportunities elsewhere. Although I must admit I’m impressed with Couillard’s budget.


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