“World’s best treated minority” monument slated for Westmount Park

Quebec’s anglophone community, voted the world’s best treated minority for a fifth year in a row by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and United Nations Human Rights Council, will be honoured at some point this year with a monument to be installed in Westmount Park.

The announcement came buried in the Quebec budget presented last week. The government will spend $2.88 million on the monument, which would come in the form of a statue or plaque, and it will be installed in a prominent place in the heart of Quebec’s most anglo city.

“After showing our extreme generosity by allowing the anglophones to have public schools and hospitals, we felt it was the right time to honour how well we are treating this valued community and continue to tolerate its existence,” explained culture minister Luc Fortin. “I have been told we should value our anglophone neighbours so long as they remain a minority. We hope this monument will be an inspiration to figure generations to feel pride at giving the bare minimum.”

Canada’s Indigenous community remains prominent on the list of world’s worst treated minorities. Fortin said they’d figure out what to do about that later.

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