Media News Digest: Cuts at Le Soleil, Jeff Fillion again, Rolling Stone redesign

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4 thoughts on “Media News Digest: Cuts at Le Soleil, Jeff Fillion again, Rolling Stone redesign

  1. Michael Black

    “Rolling Stone” started declining when they moved to New York City. Early issues are incredible, and even in the seventies when I started reading it, they covered a lot of things beyond music. But once they left San Francisco, I slowly stopped buying it, even if to this day I still check the index of each issue to see if there’s something worth buying. But it’s been a long time, music has changed and they have become way too mainstream.

    As for the Winnipeg Free Press, don’t forget that the Nor’Wester preceded it, though I’m not sure if there’s any connection between the two. The Nor’Wester was started by James Ross, William Coldwell and William Buckingham, and was the first paper in Red River.

    I’m still trying to verify that there is truth to the quote where Sitting Bull claims to have known James Ross.


  2. Alain

    Breakfast Television/ CITY / Rogers positioning itself for a National format. Head office may deny ,time will tell. Not enough ad revenue to produce that many hours of daily content and support a payroll required to operate as such. At the very least the BT format as we know it has a shelf life – that’s for sure.

  3. Marc

    Anonymous sources shouldn’t be able to wildly speculate about political motivations.

    Damn right. It’s always a mystery who these people actually are. Trump exclaims they don’t exist. Quite frankly, he has a point.

  4. Benjamin

    That Buzzfeed piece about paid articles in Forbes and Entrepreneur has been reported before, same publications, as recently as last year. The piece I am recalling also had specific rates for what each publication would cost in terms of placement.


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