Media News Digest: White House bars CNN reporter, layoffs at NY Daily News

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  • Roku has launched a free ad-supported streaming channel in Canada. The selection is pretty weak — highlights include the 1995 Will Smith/Martin Lawrence movie Bad Boys, 12 seasons of Unsolved Mysteries, some John Wayne movies and 3rd Rock from the Sun.
  • Bell signed a content deal at Just For Laughs with Jae and Trey Richards of 4YE, to produce an eight-part comedy web series called Judge Tyco for Much Studios.
  • Speaking of Just For Laughs, there was a lot of TV taping going on there. I don’t have an exhaustive list, but the ones I’m aware of:
    • The galas, as usual, recorded in both languages for various uses
    • France’s Canal+ at the Quebec/France show at Cinquième Salle, for broadcast this fall
    • An Amazon Prime Video documentary series following some of the New Faces at their Monument National and Katacombes performances
    • Netflix taping solo shows in French and English at Club Soda and Monument National
    • Comedy (soon to be CTV Comedy) recording the Katherine Ryan standup shows and Homegrown Comics show at L’Astral
    • Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud recording LOL Live at Théâtre Berri
  • HBO will broadcast a recording of a live Flight of the Conchords special this fall.
  • OMNI begins the second season of scripted comedy series Second Jen on Aug. 4.
  • A plan is in place to bring back Buffy The Vampire Slayer to TV. But don’t worry, they’re not replacing the characters.
  • Hearst Television in the U.S. has shut down the transmitter for WNNE, its 40-year-old station in Hartford, Vt., which has sold its spectrum for $50 million for wireless companies to expand. WNNE, a sister station (and de facto retransmitter) of WPTZ in Plattsburgh, N.Y., has moved its city of licence to Montpelier and is sharing a channel with WPTZ. The net effect is virtually unnoticeable for viewers in the north of the state and in Canada, as digital channel 5.2 will still carry CW programming, with CW now the primary network of WNNE.




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5 thoughts on “Media News Digest: White House bars CNN reporter, layoffs at NY Daily News

  1. Anonymous

    WNNE-DT is now re-mapping as 31.1
    31 was it’s old analog channel number.
    It was re-mapping as 5.2 for about a week only.

    It’ll appear as 31.1 after a re-scan on most TV’s

    WPTZ-DT now appears as 5.1 (NBC), 5.3 (MeTV)

    We should know, perhaps in 2019, if WYCI-DT 40.1 will be available to some parts of Montreal.
    The Saranac Lake stations will move to RF34, and its suppose to get a major power boost.

  2. Michael Black

    So far, The CW maps to 31.1 for over the air tv, rather than 5.2 where it’s been since WPTZ added a second sub channel for The CW. But it’s just a mapping thing, the same way CFCF is still at 12.1 even though it’s no longer on Channel 12.

    Sort of related, Global TV seems to have dropped the lower density version on 15.2. It’s been some time since I saw a picture there.


      1. Michael Black

        I just picked a station at random, and then ended up with about the only local station that didn’t change frequency. Sorry.

        I find I don’t have to rescan to get new subchannels, or to catch a remapping like this. But I would have to rescan to find a station that’s not already noticed.


  3. dilbert

    “The commission has determined that the Lloydminster (Alberta/Saskatchewan) market is not healthy enough to support an additional commercial radio station. It’ll be at least two years until they can reconsider.”

    I think this is the sort of decision the CRTC shouldn’t be making. If there is a frequency available and someone willing to broadcast within the regulation on it, the market should decide what is right and wrong, and not some bureaucrats thousand of KMs away.


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