Media News Digest: Press council reverses Homolka blame, the Roast of Tony Marinaro, Celine Cooper ends Gazette column

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At the CRTC

  • The commission has published the applications for the acquisition of Évasion and Zeste by Quebecor and Newcap by Stingray. The deadline for comments is Sept. 4.
  • Looks like no public comments were filed with the CRTC about the proposed licence renewal of CFNV 940.
  • The proposed acquisition of RNC Media radio stations by Cogeco prompted only two comments, one by ADISQ questioning Cogeco’s plans for expanding the Rythme FM network and suggesting closer monitoring of licence compliance, and one by District Média seeking assurances that Cogeco won’t abandon its affiliation agreement for Rythme FM in Saguenay now that it will own stations in that market.
  • The commission has denied an application by Bell Media to boost the power of CKKW-FM (KFUN 99.5) in Kitchener. Bell argued that thermal ducting was causing interference to the signal and that people in Kitchener were getting the HD Radio signal of WDCX-FM Buffalo. The CRTC said CKKW adding HD Radio to its own signal would probably solve the HD Radio interference, and analog interference problems it reported were not from people in its primary service area.

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7 thoughts on “Media News Digest: Press council reverses Homolka blame, the Roast of Tony Marinaro, Celine Cooper ends Gazette column

    1. Marc

      Probably because there’s at least some truth to it? Take a look at Fox (biased to Trump), MSNBC (biased to the Dem party establishment) or CNN (biased to the overall DC-dwelling establishment). It’s very hard to find a pack of people who are that unserious about their jobs. From tribalist, partisan hacks to baldfaced liars to neocons always pushing out more war.

      The first time Trump bombed the government of Syria (Russia’s #1 ally) you had Brian Williams beaming with glee at the sight of those missile blazing their way through the sky. You had Fareed Zakaria declare that moment as the one Trump truly became POTUS. The second time Trump bombed the government of Syria (Russia’s #1 ally), the media put out the fake news that a chemical weapons facility was successfully destroyed. Except that isn’t what it was. It was a medical lab researching new snake venom antidotes – that they chose to not report.

      And don’t get me started on the “BREAKING NEWS” tagline. CNN abuses it beyond belief. Broadcast cable news pump out fake news all the time. Print media on the other hand are far more serious and reliable.

        1. Marc

          Fox News manipulates the facts.

          Agreed. And CNN, MSNBC, the “nightly news”, Politico don’t manipulate the facts? Really?

  1. Dorothy

    The Walrus piece about the Toronto Star’s legendary switchboard operators didn’t appear to interview a single one.
    This reader would have liked to know how they managed to track down people at the ends of the earth.


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