Dozens of Quebec election debates you may have missed

Think there were only three debates during the Quebec election campaign? Not enough time to debate the issues? You probably weren’t looking hard enough then. Thanks to the efforts of local media, there were a bunch of multi-party debates during this election campaign to complement the three official debates by the party leaders.

If you’re still stuck on who to vote for tomorrow, here are links to other debates that took place during this campaign, some on specific issues, some more general, and many that included all candidates in a particular riding.

Focus Montreal

Global TV’s local current affairs show devoted the past three weeks to debates on key election issues, with representatives from the four main parties debating them in English. The themes tackled were:

Le Devoir debates

In addition to its in-depth coverage of the issues, Le Devoir held two debates where representatives of the parties defended their platforms:

MAtv: Debate on French language

The group Partenaires pour un Québec français organized a 90-minute debate broadcast on the Videotron community channel. The debate, with francophones entirely in French,


  • Catherine Fournier (PQ)
  • Alexandre Leduc (QS)
  • Claire Samson (CAQ)
  • Félix Rhéaume (Liberal)

The Conservative-Green debate

Arguably the fifth and sixth parties in the campaign, these two parties, which may be far apart on social issues, came to an agreement to hold a separate after they were excluded from the main leaders’ debates. Though the leaders do have some back and forth, they spent most of their time talking to the audience rather than to each other.

AQDR debate on seniors

Five associations for Quebec seniors organized a four-party debate on issues affecting them. Participants were:

  • François Paradis (CAQ)
  • Harold LeBel (PQ)
  • Francine Charbonneau (Liberals)
  • Sol Zanetti (QS)

ESPUM debate on health

The École de santé publique de l’Université de Montréal organized a debate on disease prevention and promotion of health. Participants:

  • Jacinthe-Ève Arel (CAQ)
  • Antoine Atallah (Liberal)
  • Diane Lamarre (PQ)
  • Vanessa Roy (QS)

FIQ debate on health

The Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec organized a debate on its priorities for its workers, including workload, safety and work-life balance. Participants were:

  • Danielle McCann (CAQ)
  • Diane Lamarre (PQ)
  • Gertrude Bourdon (Liberal)
  • Vanessa Roy (QS)

Abitibi-Témiscamingue health debate

  • Émilise Lessard-Therrien (QS)
  • Luc Blanchette (Liberals)
  • Gilles Chapadeau (PQ)
  • Jérémy Bélanger (CAQ)
  • Fernand St-Georges (Citoyens au pouvoir)

CRHA debate on the labour market

The Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés organized a debate specifically about the problem of difficulty finding skilled labour. Participants:

  • Marwah Rizqy (Liberal)
  • Jean-Martin Aussant (PQ)
  • Youri Chassin (CAQ)
  • Alexandre Leduc (QS)

ETS debate

The ETS campus hosted a four-candidate debate on various issues, notably the environment, energy, transportation and technology. Participants:

  • Dominique Anglade (Liberal)
  • Dieudonné Ella Oyono (PQ)
  • Benoît Racette (PQ)
  • Jean-François Roberge (CAQ)

Université Laval international commerce debate

  • Guillaume Boivin (QS)
  • Christine St-Pierre (Liberal)
  • Dieudonné Ella Oyono (PQ)
  • André Lamontagne (CAQ)

Institut Jean-Garon debate on agriculture

  • Laurent Lessard (Liberal)
  • Sylvie D’Amours (CAQ)
  • André Villeneuve (PQ)
  • Nicolas Chatel-Launey (QS)

Riding-level debates

Thanks to independent community TV channels in particular, there were a bunch of riding-level debates captured on video (many more weren’t, sadly, or I can’t find them online).

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  1. Lorne Freeman

    I live in D’Arcy McGee and we had no debate. The Liberal candidate is a shoo-in and didn’t wish to debate any of the other candidates.


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