Media News Digest: Awards, DAZN gets Premier League, Bergman leaves Virgin 95.9

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*CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post misspelled Justin Brake’s name.

8 thoughts on “Media News Digest: Awards, DAZN gets Premier League, Bergman leaves Virgin 95.9

  1. media man

    Well this week’s surprise isn’t really much of a surprise.. I’ve made comments in the past especially the last few years when you posted those ratings results blogs and consistently showing The Beat ahead and pulling away.

    And people leaving Virgin in droves. Clearly, there was an issue. Bergman doing both jobs bad to take a toll and personality clashes another issue.

    So who’s the next PD ?? Abd when will they drop the Virgin brand ?

    1. Brett

      If they do drop Virgin maybe they will follow BC stations and use the Sun FM brand.

      Bergman did a fine job as PD. Once the Beat started pulling away in ratings the first few times, they should of let him go. They have waited to long and The Beat has taken many loyal Virgin fans. They need someone serious about programming to take over. Someone who made multiple stations in different markets the top station.

  2. Marc

    The Montreal Gazette will be moving out of its Dominion Square Building location soon, where it has been since 2003. Its new location will be nearby.

    Safe to assume it’s because of the size of the space and/or the rent is too high?

    1. media man

      It’s too bad, the Gazette have nice offices there overlooking Dominion or Dorchester Square.
      Do you know where? Perhaps the Sun Life Building..

  3. Chucky

    US broadcaster Townsquare Media was crippled by a ransomware attack on April 1 and it was not an joke at all. Many of Townsquare’s stations went without commercials since they are stored on automation systems. At least 2 facilities had to play music off YouTube just to stay on the air.
    Yet the radio industry (and Fagstein) continue to pull April Fool’s stunts.


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