Radio-Classique 99,5 is dead; WKND 99,5 launches June 17

Those who hadn’t paid attention when the financial and regulatory process was under way were probably surprised when they tuned to their favourite classical music station on Sunday and heart franco pop music instead.

Leclerc Communication, which got CRTC approval for its acquisition of CJPX-FM in April, officially took over the station at 2pm on Friday, according to a Facebook post from Nicolas Leclerc, vice-president of sales and marketing. Quebec City’s CJSQ-FM was not part of the sale and remains a Radio Classique station, though who knows how long it can hold out without a Montreal big brother.

Leclerc will relaunch CJPX-FM as WKND 99,5, with the same branding as its Quebec City station, on Wednesday at 5pm. Until then, its programming is 100% francophone music. Leclerc says the station will start with 100% music programming for the first few weeks before official programming begins.

WKND’s website is No spoilers there about programming.

10 thoughts on “Radio-Classique 99,5 is dead; WKND 99,5 launches June 17

  1. David Smith

    Dear Fagstein, We appreciate your updates on all things radio. We are in CSL and do not receive Radio 2 well so had to give up on that after years and years as loyal listeners. CJPX was a godsend. No classical music?? Like jazz also and not crazy about using computer for Toronto or Newark or New Orleans jazz stations tho sometimes… The back up is Sirius XM or Youtube for space music.

    Again keep up the good work~

    1. Anonymous

      Not sure why you’re not able to get CBM-FM 93.5 (CBC Music) in CSL.
      You’re located close to the transmitter site (Mount Royal).

      Less expensive than going the route of SiriusXM is to get a HD Radio.
      Not that I’m knocking SiriusXM. I have SiriusXM and it’s great.
      But, if all you want is a full time classical music station, a HD Radio will do the trick.
      No subscription needed.
      And the sound quality is amazing for the stations transmitting a HD Radio signal.

      There are two full time classical music stations available in the Montreal area.

      92.5-HD2 – Ici musique classique

      107.9-HD2 – VPR Classical

      Here is a site link to the best 2020 HD Radios available.
      All (or most) are available at

      Here is a list of all the current HD Radio station in the Montreal area.

      95.1-HD1 – Ici premiere
      95.1-HD2 – Ici musique classique

      103.3-HD1 – Main programming

      105.7-HD1 – Rythme FM

      107.9-HD1 – Rouge FM
      107.9-HD2 – CJAD
      107.9-HD3 – TSN Montreal 690

      107.9-HD1 – VPR
      107.9-HD2 – VPR Classical
      107.9-HD3 – BBC World Service

      Also, the VQ Christie HD Radio is currently on sale over at

      1. Anonymous

        I live in CSL too, I can confirm that 93.5’s signal is significantly weaker than other stations (eg. 100.7), but quality is still good most of the time.

  2. Benjamin Hunting

    Due to the number of estate planning and retirement home ads on CJPX, I often felt like I was the only listener under the age of 70. I will miss the station, it was the only terrestrial radio station in this city that I tuned in to.

    1. Navid

      I’m 21. I have listened to radio classique for almost 3 years and every night. I can’t sleep with silence, so I turned to classical music.
      I’m terribly sad about what happened. Maybe it made financial sense. Maybe they couldn’t continue because it wasn’t popular. I understand that. But I’ll miss listening to classical music on my analog radio.

    2. Kevin D

      I’m 16 years old and I listen to Radio Classique quite often (and 88.5 as well). Trust me, there still are “young” people listening to good old fashioned FM.

  3. Patricia

    I’m so upset about this!! And Benjamin Hunting I am in my 40s—this radio station was absolutely fantastic—the programming was incredible. I’m so sad it’s gone—it was my number one go-to station :( :( :(

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve been listening to this new CJPX-FM format for a few days.
    They may just have a winner on their hands.

    Sounds very much like SiriusXM’s Alt Nation channel 36. Except for the french content, of course. Modern Rock type of music. This is something that CHOM-FM should have been for years, but CHOM-FM 97.7 is stuck in the past. CJFM-FM 95.9 also could have morphed into this type of music. But again, another station stuck in its ways, and going nowhere but down.

    So, for now, I’ve been switching back and forth in my car between CJPX-FM 99.5, and WBTZ-FM 99.9.

  5. Anonymous

    we are saddened that the format of 99.5 has changed. we loved the classical music even though often repeated, it was soothing to the ear and we enjoyed the jazz in the early evening when we would listen and have our 5 à 7. there are so many stations that provide more modern music with a non dimensional rhythm. why have you cancelled classical music? And so few other stations to turn to that have continued classical genre. Sincerely Sharon


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