Professor suspended for using U-word as university investigates what U-word is

A professor at the University of Eastern Ontario has been suspended after a student’s complaint that he used the U-word in class. The university has launched an investigation to determine the circumstances of the incident, including figuring out what the “U-word” is.

“We took swift action to protect students from offensive academic material,” university president Goby Jasyrundy said in a statement. “We intend to fully investigate this incident, and invite the student in question to meet with our special panel to tell them what the U-word is and why it is offensive.”

Initial Google searches and checks with Urban Dictionary and the Scrabble Dictionary suggest the U-word may be an antisemitic slur or possibly a degrading term for people from Uruguay, but neither would seem to apply to this context.

“What’s important is that students learn in a safe environment, free from racial slurs or ethnic slurs or sexist terms or maybe just a word with too many consonants?” Jasyrundy said.

“We’ll get to the bottom of this,” he continued before apologizing for using the B-word.

3 thoughts on “Professor suspended for using U-word as university investigates what U-word is

  1. Mario D

    Every year i read the new topic and fall for it. I just then realize with someone else’s comment that i had been had…. Still one of my favorite day of yours to see how you can twist any topic with developments from your imagination. What amazes me thou is that some REAL news are even weirder as years go by . But maybe it’ s just me … Thanks for that tradition!


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