Nikki Balch out at The Beat 92.5

Just as Montrealers are enjoying their Labour Day weekend and local media are preparing for the fall season, The Beat rebranded its morning show, erasing host Nikki Balch out of existence.

Nikki, who has been with the station since 2016, and had been at Virgin Radio a few years before that, hasn’t posted anything publicly, nor have her now-former colleagues that I could find.

The station has replaced her with Claudia Marques on the renamed “The Morning Show”. She moves to mornings after co-hosting the afternoon drive show. Mark Bergman and Stuntman Sam remain on the morning team, and Kim Kieran gets officially added to the brand.

The move comes just days after the on-air staff, including Balch, posed for a new set of photos.

98 thoughts on “Nikki Balch out at The Beat 92.5

  1. AM

    You’re doing great Claudia!!

    Unlike some of these comments here
    I think you are perfect for a morning show
    You are not OVER excited and you don’t constantly attack your radio partner which had become way out of line….

    Keep up the great work Claudia :)

    1. Pam

      I love the morning show but I really miss Nikki. Her and Sam together are like brother and sisters. They are funny and real. Don’t get me wrong I like Donna but Sam and Nikki are the best.


    Nikki is the heart of the mornings. Other guys are doing fine, but Nikki was the best. Her cmments, her jokes, I ll be where she is. Keep going Nikki ! :)

  3. Ginette Consolante

    Where is Nikki?????

    I love Claudia but she’s great on the drive home. Good team with Cats.

    The morning drive / show is just not the same without Nikki. She’s out & so am I. I’m switching morning show. I guess I’ll listen to Vinny. Maybe she’ll end up with him

  4. Leigh

    WTH is wrong with management at The Beat. First Sarah Bartok and then Nikki!!! Both of them were shining stars. Reason I don’t listen anymore.

  5. Silvia Vaccaro

    There is nobody like Nikki! She made the show. Please bring her back. It’s just not the same without her?

  6. Roro

    I hate listening to Claudia. They needed to rebrand but Claudia is definitely not the answer. Between Claudia and Donna, I no longer listen

  7. Jenny Caisaluisa

    Yes i do miss Nikki and i also stopped listening morning show, Claudia and Nikki are 2 strong women, Claudia better works with Cat in the afternoon and Nikki morning but sometimes Claudia do the show with Cat in the afternoon but in the morning i do not listen anymore i will like to listen Nikki again in the morning weekdays like before but to sad so now I play 88.5 FM , no more The beat.


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