Jeremy White leaves The Beat 92.5

Jeremy White

Jeremy White, the kid from Kahnawake who has been the evening host at The Beat 92.5 just about since its launch, is no longer at the station.

White tells me he left of his own accord and decided in November he didn’t want to work a shift that started at 7pm anymore, and the company wasn’t interested in letting him voice-track his show earlier in the day.

The Beat has already scrubbed all reference to him on its website and has the generic “MTL’s Perfect Mix” listed in his time slot.

White is still on Corus-owned Energy 93.5 in Toronto in the same time slot and his Jeremy White Show podcast/YouTube channel. He tells me that while he isn’t looking for other radio work at the moment, he’s open if someone wants to suggest another gig that can be voice-tracked. “But going to a station and doing a shift just ain’t in the cards anymore for me.”

Several people (including one of White’s former program directors at The Beat) have noted that White would seem to be a good fit for CHOM when you consider his more hard-rock musical tastes. But nothing has ever materialized on that front and there’s no indication anything ever will.

But if someone at Bell Media wants a new voice for a weekend rock station countdown show, one just became available.

7 thoughts on “Jeremy White leaves The Beat 92.5

  1. Anthony

    I agree…what a waste working at that Top 40 station. The music is horrendous
    CHOM you need to hire this guy Right away. Perfect fit with Bilal Butt and Jason Rockman

  2. Bob Aubertin

    I applaud your decision to leave your show on the Beat. Your talents will better serve an audience in other Canadian markets especially in Ontario and Western Canada. A fair warning do not go to a Bell Media station as they do not appreciate talent such as yours.

    All the Best Jeremy!!!



  3. Ian Howarth

    Mr. White looks young enough to handle the evening shift, but I suppose his other gigs make it a difficult juggling act. When you choose to leave the radio and tv biz, as soon as you exit the door, the IT guy gets to work scrubbing:disappearing you. As if you were never there.

    1. Dilbert

      The thing is, with all the modern tools available, having a “DJ” sitting in a booth for 4 or 5 hours doing a small voice part for 30 seconds every 10 minutes is kind of pointless. The amount of actual voice work in minimal. The systems are generally entirely automated, and can be run by a nameless (aka replaceable) engineer type who gets slightly over minimum wage.

      Voice tracking can be done from anywhere (just need reasonable acoustics) and sent in, or could be done at the in office studios in a reasonable amount of time each day. Done right, voice tracking could be done for a full week of programming in less than a single afternoon.

  4. Anonymous

    He is such a great DJ! It was always like he was talking to you personally. Gonna miss this guy! All the best !!

  5. Chris Williams

    I liked listening to him because it was not always top 40 songs. These stations are not really doing the artists any favours in my opinion because you end up hating the song because of overplay so you may not buy the album. I like a lot of the announcers but I can’t stand hearing the same tunes over and over again, sometimes twice in a short time period. There are thousands if not millions of songs to play and these artists need to make a living as well. And we want to hear them! Shame.


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