Ken Connors arrested after revealing secret cryptocurrency Koin Coinnors

Fans were shocked and outraged by this incident.

Only a day after his retirement from CJAD 800, Ken Connors was arrested by authorities, charged with illegally revealing a secret cryptocurrency that has exploded in value making people insanely rich.

“The government doesn’t want you to know how to make all this money,” Connors said as he was being led away in handcuffs by police on Monday morning.

According to a CBC News article that looks fairly legit, Connors chose to retire from broadcasting because of massive wealth he accumulated investing his savings in Koin Coinnors, a trivia-based cryptocurrency that is guaranteed to be the next Bitcoin. Rather than mining currency by crunching complicated mathematical equations, Koins are distributed when Coinnors successfully answer trivia questions.

“It makes crypto fun and eco-friendly,” Connors explains in the story at Understanding how it works or if it’s sustainable or secure isn’t important, nor is it important to check if the story is real. What is important to understand is this is the perfect time to take all the money out of your bank account and convert it to this cryptocurrency.

1 thoughts on “Ken Connors arrested after revealing secret cryptocurrency Koin Coinnors

  1. S. Santos

    If Ken stayed in Ottawa at 54 Rock which became 106.9 The Bear, (now Jump 1069) The Bear could have stayed on the air and kept its rock format. It would have not turned into Top 40 Jump 106.9. The Bear could have beat Chez 106. Their announcers used to always talk in a monotone.

    Was Ken on 54 Rock Ottawa?


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