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Long live a free Quebec!

According to Affiliation Quebec’s Allen Nutik:

Now that National Unity has become an election topic, almost nothing threatens Canadian National Unity more than the blatant and unconscionable abandonment of more than one million Quebecers of non-French origin by federal political party leaders, Harper, Dion, and Layton.

I agree. In fact, I think if the federal government doesn’t step up right away, anglo Quebecers might lead a secession movement and try to make Quebec its own country. The only problem, of course, is that we’d need to convince the francophone majority to go along with us, and that’ll never happen.

Good thing we have Duceppe in our corner though.

It’s all about sovereignty, obviously

For those wondering when a politician would exploit the shooting and subsequent riot in Montreal North for transparently self-serving purposes, Affiliation Quebec’s Allen Nutik just sent out a press release:

As a champion of minority rights, AffiliationQuebec calls on Quebec’s cultural communities to select effective candidates to run under the AQ banner in order to elect relevant representation to send to the National Assembly.

The tense situation in Montreal North offers a unique opportunity for these communities to ‘break free’ from Quebec’s nationalist agenda, and to play a direct role in their own governance.

It’s amazing how many new causes are dummed up every hour to replace the apparently inadequate “kids mad ’cause cops shot other kid.”