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Bowser and Blue: YouTube stars?

In researching my article on poutine, I found myself singing Bowser and Blue‘s “The Night they Invented Poutine” in my head a lot. I even ended up quoting it in the article.

With B&B on the brain, I started looking around the intertubes, and noticed that Ricky Blue has taken to uploading videos of the pair performing their songs. Most of the videos have an amateurish YouTube-like quality (which fits in well), shot at home with the aging performers straining to see the notes and lyrics through their old-guy eyesight. And the quality is pretty bad compared to what you’d get on a DVD of a big performance, but the funny is still there. One video even elicited a response asking whose song they were performing.

There are also some videos from Just for Laughs and other appearances.

None of the videos has gotten more than 5,000 views, which shows that they’ve stayed under the radar so far.

This can go on no longer. So I present my favourite from this selection of Bowser and Blue home videos:

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