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CBC #37 worldwide for blog media links

Technorati, the service that monitors blogs and tells them whether they’re cool or not, has released a list of the 50 media websites bloggers link to the most. (Via TechCrunch)

YouTube, unsurprisingly, tops the list, followed by the New York Times, BBC and CNN.

The only Canadian media outlet on the list is CBC.ca, coming in at #37. This is unsurprising since CBC has been investing in its Internet sites longer than the private media, and it has national television, radio and Internet sites to fuel its news-gathering operation. Plus it has dozens of RSS feeds sorted by topic, an iPhone version of its website (and separate mobile version), it’s got Twitter, and it has a news ticker people can add to their blogs.

I also like the fact that news stories (which are all open to comments) use Technorati to link to blogs that link back to those stories, which drives (some) traffic to those blogs and makes them (slightly) more likely to link to CBC than another website with the same story.

If other Canadian online news outlets want to match that, they should start copying some of those features.

Canada.com struggles under load

Just a few days after the CBC.ca network went down, Canada.com was out for most of the day yesterday, making the websites of 10 Canadian daily newspapers (the National Post has its own server and was unaffected) inaccessible. Though back up now, the server is running noticeably slow.

Coincidence? Probably. Inside the CBC talks about an internal server data failure, while the rumour at Canada.com is a DOS attack. (Besides, who would want to take out the commies and the fascists?)

Jack Todd needed four tries to file his story yesterday. (Go ahead, make your jokes)

UPDATE (June 3): Kate points out problems at Cyberpresse this morning, wondering if there’s an evil conspiracy afoot. I think it’s Julie Couillard’s exes out to destroy the media.