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The Next Great Montreal Festival

The Suburban’s Mike Cohen has some suggestions for new summer festivals in Montreal (as if we don’t have enough already), including a poutine festival and a smoked meat festival.

I think we should have a festival where underage teen girls dress sluttily, get super drunk on Crescent Street and have to be carried home while throwing up everywhere. I mean, we have that anyway, why not make it official?

YASTGBs: JFL, film festivals

Two more blogs from the Gazette were launched today with premiere posts:

Just for Laughs Festival is the cleverly-named blog covering … wait for it … the Just for Laughs Festival, which runs July 10-20.

The Ciné Files similarly follows all those film festivals that happen here during the summer. Fantasia, FFM, FNC, Joe’s Super Awesome Film Fest, etc.

They’re both self-explanatory, no?