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Chantal Desjardins replaces Kim Rossi on CHOM morning show

Chantal Desjardins and Mark Bergman put on their sad faces in announcing they're splitting up on Twitter

Chantal Desjardins and Mark Bergman put on their sad faces in announcing they're splitting up on Twitter

The game of musical chairs in local radio continues. Bob Harris, formerly the head honcho at Astral Media’s Montreal radio stations, is moving to take a similar job in Hamilton. His wife, CHOM morning host Kim Rossi, joins him and gets a job in St. Catharines.

Two weeks ago, Astral announced that each station would have its own program director and promotion director. Mark Bergman will take over Harris’s job at CJFM 95.9 (Virgin Radio 96).

Rossi’s job will instead be filled by Chantal Desjardins, Bergman’s afternoon cohost on CJFM.

Mike Cohen was the first with the news in The Suburban. Bergman and Desjardins made the announcement on Wednesday’s show. Desjardins joins the CHOM morning team of Ted Bird and Pete Marier on Jan. 4.

Before then, hopefully someone will figure out how to change the name of the Mark & Chantal Facebook fan page.

From her bio:

Chantal received a Communications degree from the University of Winnipeg and a Creative Communications diploma from Red River College. She then got her big media break as a sports anchor/reporter at CityTV Winnipeg.

Chantal got her first taste of radio thanks to a number of guest appearances on Winnipeg’s Q94FM and BOBFM’s morning shows. Once Chantal realized she could wear jeans and a ponytail every day to work, it was only a matter of time before her big TV hair and spray tan days were behind her.

Chantal’s lived in Montreal since 2006, reporting on the Montreal sports scene for CJAD800AM and helping people get home every afternoon as a traffic reporter for Astral Media Montreal.

Meanwhile Rossi, whose last day on CHOM’s morning show is this Friday, has a long post on her blog saying thanks to just about everyone she’s ever met.

Kim Rossi leaving CHOM

Kim Rossi

Kim Rossi

According to a report at radio industry watcher Milkman Unlimited, Astral Media is making changes at its Montreal office. Most of the changes are related to management (including Bob Harris, who will be moving to Hamilton), but one on-air voice is also affected.

Kim Rossi, who is part of the Terry, Ted, Kim, and Kemp Bad Pete trio (and is also married to Harris), will also be heading down the 401, filling a one-year maternity leave and joining Iron Mike on the morning show at Astral-owned CHTZ-FM (coincidentally, also at 97.7FM) in St. Catharines.

There’s no mention of a replacement for Rossi on CHOM’s morning show, which might just mean there won’t be any. CFQR is trying the one-morning-host format, and CHOM might be next to focus more on music and less on banter in the drive-to-work hours.