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The young’uns speak

Poster for Jeunes pour Montréal

Poster for Jeunes pour Montréal

You don’t usually see third-party interest groups in municipal elections, but one has appearently formed called Jeunes pour Montréal. The idea is not to advocate for any particular political party but to raise issues of specific interest to youth, including public transportation. Its creators say they’re supported by student associations and not any particular party, so I’ll take them at their word.

They’re also (of course) active on social media, including Facebook, where we learn that the most popular issue apparently is metro service overnight. They’ve asked the three parties for their views on that issue.

Aside from the little traffic that would take a metro at 4am, the overnight hours are when track maintenance and other work is carried out that can’t be done while the trains are running.

But an increase in the frequency and reach of night bus service is an idea worth looking at.

UPDATE: Turns out the group isn’t authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer and its signs are up illegally. Some of them have already been taken down.