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Q107 spits out Peppermint

“Peppermint” Patti MacNeil, who some might remember as a former Montreal radio host who fled out west, is out of a job. Q107, which paired her with her old pal Terry DiMonte on their morning show, has decided not to renew her contract, and the Terry and Patti Show is now just the Terry Show.

MacNeil didn’t respond to an email seeking comment, but made a brief statement to the Calgary Herald saying she was “disappointed” and “sad”.

DiMonte, who has never been one to keep quiet about his feelings even if they might not be the most PR-friendly, said the move “blows big time”. But, of course, it wasn’t his call.

Before some of you start dreaming of a Terry & Ted reunion, the Birdman tells me that “convincing me to uproot my family and move 3,500km would take Terry money, and they already spent the Terry money on Terry.”