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$25,000 bribe? Gotta be Concordia

The student papers at Concordia (The Link, The Concordian) are leading with an incredible story based on an affidavit from the head of the Quebec Student Health Alliance (ASEQ) accusing former Concordia Student Union vice-president Steven Rosenshein of asking for a $25,000 bribe (to finance an upcoming student election campaign) for his company to remain the CSU’s health and dental plan insurance broker.

To be clear, the Concordia Student Union denies the claim and Rosenshein denies it as well.

Editor’s note: I’ve trimmed this post significantly from an earlier version after being contacted in June 2018 by Rosenshein, who disputed several facts. Rather than spend time re-reporting the story, I’ll simply refer you to the other stories written about it for details. Rosenshein notes that he sued ASEQ over the accusation, demanding $130,000. He says the lawsuit ended in a settlement but declined to specify.