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40 years ago today

The Onion: Holy Shit - Man walks on fucking moon

Oh, and I should add a link to the Bluffer’s Guide in Monday’s Gazette, courtesy of yours truly: The moon landings: fake or fact?. Choosing a news-relevant topic was enough to get my name above the fold on Page 1 (all part of my master plan).

UPDATE: This story surfaced just after I filed that one, showing that there are indeed pictures of the moon landing sites. But, of course, those are all fakes. (Thanks Ha!)

But I want interstellar diplomacy to be debated in endless detail

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As ‘Fun, Watchable’

You know, as funny as this is, it’s also kind of why I’m not crazy about this Star Trek movie. If I wanted to watch Armageddon, I’d … well, that wouldn’t happen.

I’m just not crazy about some hot shot coming into a universe and rewriting its history for a couple of hours of entertainment.

Kind of like in 24, where by Hour 18 they just assume you’ve forgotten everything that happened at the beginning of the day and why the actions of Good-Guy-Suddenly-Gone-Bad make absolutely no sense.

Still, I’m willing to look past that in 24, let’s hope I can do the same for Star Trek.