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When polling goes bad

A new “poll” has determined that rich kids work hard, are responsible for their money and give to charity.

How did this scientific endeavour come up with these conclusions? It asked the rich kids what they thought of themselves.

Now strangely they find out the rich kids paint themselves in a positive light. And since rich kids wouldn’t lie or anything, it must be true.

Oh, and the control variable? You know, asking the not-so-rich kids what they thought of themselves as a basis for comparison?

They didn’t bother doing that.

And since “they” is a “wealth management company”, I guess we’ll just have to trust that they don’t have some sort of hidden agenda here.

On the return of Newswatch

Midnight Poutine has a review of CBC’s one-hour News at Six, focusing on their new sports commentator P.J. Stock.

The return to one hour of local news, which CBC hopes will bring it back into the same league as CTV as it was many moons ago, was first discussed back when I had a brief stint at the Corporation TWO YEARS AGO.

Hopefully future improvements won’t take as long.

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Test the Nation: CBC stumbles out of the gate

So CBC has been running ads for this Test the Nation “event” that came out of some brilliant mind in the senior programming boardroom.

I’m not quite sure what the point is. It seems to be some sort of nationwide IQ test, complete with break-the-stereotypes revelations where they show stupid surgeons and smart tattoo artists.

What struck me on their website is this “mental gym” quiz. Ten surprisingly difficult questions about logic, memory etc. Below the big link to the test is a list of the top 5 finishers so far.

Apparently all five answered the questions 100% correctly in under a second and a half.

Could have something to do with the fact that you can take the test over and over again and the answers never change.