Hi. My name’s Steve Faguy. I’m a thirty-something geek freelance journalist who lives in Montreal. This blog is about my various thoughts.

What this blog is about

  • News, opinion and more about the Montreal media, and where appropriate the media at large
  • Montreal, and the stuff that happens inside this city, including its public transit system
  • My opinions on just about anything I want to talk about
  • Pointers to my articles when they’re published

What this blog is not about

The name

“Fagstein” isn’t my name. It’s the name of the blog, and a username I use, and it’s derived from the nickname an old girlfriend had for me. You can call me Steve.

The blogroll

I have a short list of Montreal-based blogs in my sidebar. I would include a full list of all the local blogs I read, but that list would have hundreds of blogs in it. Instead, I’m focusing on those non-personal blogs that talk about the city itself.

Why are you mean to people?

I’m not. I’m critical. And I usually try to be funny about it. Don’t take it personally.

I don’t care what you say about me on your blog, but could you change what you wrote about me in that blog post because someone might not get your joke and it makes me look bad?

Please see the previous point. If you can make a convincing case that I was unnecessarily mean, I might edit the post to make it more clear that I wasn’t serious. But if you just don’t like criticism, I can’t help you.

Your blog looks like shiat.

It’s designed to be as simple and easy-to-read as possible. I’m not trying to wow you with AJAX or rounded corners or giant graphics. As long as you can read the posts and navigate properly, I’ve accomplished my task.

Contact me

Email is always the best way: blog@fagstein.com

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