I’m back … with a bang

After a couple of weeks without anything in the paper, today I have a whole page to myself with a feature about Wikitravel, a Wikipedia-like website for collaborative travel guides run by a Montrealer. There’s also companion stories about wikis in general and about its founder’s blog, which uses the French Revolutionary Calendar. And there’s an online extra massive list of wikis from Memory Alpha to Wikocracy. Taken together, it’s my longest story to date (2500 words, give or take), and I’m pretty happy with it. But it was a mess trying to keep it all in my head near the end.

Also today, another blog profile. This time, of Chaos Theory, a blog mostly about mothering two young daughters.

UPDATE: MtlWebLog’s Kate McDonnell notes that “pissed off” is used in the main feature in a quote. To be honest, I didn’t even think when writing it that it might be considered an expletive. Does that say something?

ALSO: Can anyone tell me what Patricia’s beef is? I’m an idiot. I read “except” when I should have read “excerpt”, which meant I mistook Patricia’s praise for criticism. Sorry.

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