Best of Montreal: Not me

The Mirror’s perennial popularity contest Best of Montreal, in which all the local blogs whore themselves out to their readers for votes, has been released. Among the highlights:

  • Love her or hate her, Celine Dion is still popular. She made the lists for Montrealer closest to sainthood, Montrealer closest to hell, most desirable woman (#1! WTF?) and tackiest personality.
  • Gerald Tremblay beat out both Karla Homolka and Kimveer Gill in the most-hated list. Ouch.
  • William Shatner proves that you can be old, fat and badly act out the part of an idiot on TV but still be one of the most desirable men in your hometown.
  • Samer Elatrash, once one of Montreal’s loudest activists, has disappeared from that list now that he’s a writer for the Mirror.
  • Tarah Schwartz’s name is misspelled, despite coming in fourth in “best local newscaster” among a sea of CFCF names.
  • Geeta Nadkarni, that girl doing the weather on CBC with the infectious Indian accent, has rocketed to the top of the TV personality list on her first attempt. The Mirror has a profile (bottom of the page).
  • Dollard is the 15th best neighbourhood. Go West Island! Sadly, Pierrefonds is nowhere to be seen. Neither is “the bus terminus at Fairview”.
  • The Mirror doesn’t realize that Comedy Works and “the place above Jimbo’s” are the same thing. I don’t blame them though, the lack of comedy places in this city means the category needs to be inflated to reach 10.
  • Zeke’s Gallery got best gallery but nowhere on the best blog list by sending out an entire list of suggestions for votes (to discourage ballot-stuffing, the Mirror required people to fill out a minimum number of categories).
  • The Mirror won best newspaper (duh). The Gazette came in second. The Link, once again, is the only student newspaper on the list.
  • Drunken Stepfather won for best blog. Yeah, I’d never heard of it either. And it has nothing to do with the city. But hey, if you’re up for pictures of celebrities scratching their asses, I guess it’s ok. Midnight Poutine deservedly came in second, followed by Montreal City Weblog. The rest seems to be filled with ballot stuffers, though it’s nice to see newcomer MTL Street on there as well.
  • Fagstein is nowhere to be seen, when clearly I would have fit into everything from best blog to most desirable man. Someone miscounted somewhere.
  • “Stealing your neighbour’s wireless” was disqualified as Best ISP.

4 thoughts on “Best of Montreal: Not me

  1. Zeke


    Thanks once again for the props, however I must point out to you that in my ‘cheat sheet’ I very deliberately did not suggest anyone for best blog, that was just going to make things way ugly.

    On the bright side my suggestions for the following panned out
    Best local radio host: Bernard Saint-Laurent got an honarable mention
    Best neighbourhood: The Plateau – #1
    Best drag queen: Miss Gina – #3
    Best country/folk act: United Steel Workers of Montreal – #1
    Best spoken word act: Kyra Shaughnessy – #7
    Best cartoonist: Billy Mavreas – #7 Dstrbo – #6
    Best Internet Service Provider: VIF – #3
    Best florist: Florateria – #2
    Best kitsch/antique store: Monastiraki – #1
    Best Chinese : Beijing – #1
    Best Portuguese: Le Roi du Plateau – #5
    Best poutine: La Banquise – #2
    Best locally brewed beer: Brutopia – #1

  2. heri

    obviously, you were too famous and too successful and all other nominees wouldn’t have a chance to compete; so they didn’t include you in the list to make it fair


  3. William

    Weird! This is Will from Anarchist Soccer… found your blog while Googling ‘Best ISPs in Montreal’ (try it yourself– i didn’t use any quotes). You’ll be famous with a bit of SEO like that! I recognized the top half of your head immediately! I was Googling it because Sympatico is now apparently throttling totrent bandwidth. Which sucks, because I use it for, uh, completely legal things… like… downloading… linux.

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