Cash transit refunds this week

From Tuesday to Saturday, cash refunds are being made available at select metro stations for those with May 2007 monthly passes who don’t plan on buying a September pass.

Metro refund stations

Special booths are being setup outside the turnstiles of these stations where special ticket-takers will exchange your May 2007 pass for $3.50 ($2.00 for reduced fare passes) and a receipt for tax purposes (but only from 6am to 7pm).

The STM has a PDF poster online, though curiously that poster isn’t put up at these booths, which means unless you’ve been paying close attention to the newspapers, you probably have no clue what they’re for.

Starting Sunday, when September passes go on sale, May passes can be returned in exchange for a discount on the September pass and the same tax receipt, and this can be done at any location that normally sells transit passes.

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