BTK: Bertrand Targets Koivu

Guy Bertrand, the lovable lawyer and rabble-rouser, has finally shown his face in front of The Commission, and shown what a hero he is by clearing up once and for all what the greatest threat is to the French language and Québécois culture:

Saku Koivu: Menace to société

Saku Koivu.

You see, because the Finnish player who happens to be the captain of the Montreal Canadiens has trouble with his third language, he’s violating our rights by not allowing hockey fans to be served in French.

When Koivu is inevitably found guilty in a court of law for crimes against humanity, should we subject him to lethal injection, the electric chair or just force him to be a panelist on Tout le monde en parle?

UPDATE (Nov. 1): Gazette letter-writers come to their captain’s defence and let Bertrand have it. La Presse’s André Pratte points out that anglophones, not francophones, are in linguistic danger in Quebec, and François Gagnon has some good insight into the matter.

5 thoughts on “BTK: Bertrand Targets Koivu

  1. Christopher DeWolf

    At least Bertrand isn’t deluded enough to support the Marois bill. Even he realizes that it would run counter to Quebec’s own charter of rights, not to mention that of Canada.

    But you know what really bugs me? When he points out that Montreal is only 53 percent francophone (actually, now probably less than that) and then claims that “we’re going to lose Montreal!” Guess what? Toronto is only 48 percent anglophone. Just because French is somebody’s second language doesn’t mean they’re anglo.

  2. An.

    Guy Bertrand is a douche. He, like other bully separatist francophone’s, feel insecure about themselves, so they need to push others around so they feel powerful.

    How about you go speak french to your dog, you half-wit, and let us freedom loving people live as we wish in a DEMOCRACY

  3. Pauli

    Saku Koivu, keep on speaking English. Guy Bertrand you must be , an idiot! oh… you must be really the world greatest, the king of idiots. Otherwise it could not be explained.


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