Québec à la une: An advertorial in three parts

I was tuning into TVA this evening to catch the series finale of Vlog, when I stumbled on a documentary about the Journal de Montréal called Québec à la une.

The documentary is an interesting look at the history of the newspaper known for its attention-whoring headlines, spending its first episode concentrating on the October Crisis that brought it into the mainstream and launched its Sunday edition.

But I can’t get over the fact that this is airing on TVA, which is owned by the same company that owns the Journal. In fact, Quebecor is run by Pierre-Karl Péladeau, and his father Pierre Péladeau is the guy getting a posthumous public blowjob in this rather one-sided documentary. (No mention of the Philadelphia Journal here.)

The appearance of the younger Péladeau on screen after the end of the documentary talking about how great Quebecor and the Journal de Montréal are sealed the deal. I’m still not sure if that was a paid advertisement or part of the documentary. Of course it doesn’t matter, because Péladeau would have just been paying himself.

It’s unfortunate, because a look at the big Montreal newspaper upheavals of the 1960s and 70s makes for interesting storytelling.

Québec à la une airs Tuesday, Dec. 4 and 11 at 9pm on TVA. The show is also available for free for Videotron Illico digital TV subscribers on its video-on-demand service (Channel 900, under “TV on demand” -> “TVA on demand”).

2 thoughts on “Québec à la une: An advertorial in three parts

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  2. Kim Meslage

    Its too bad some spoil brat takes over a company and their greed and arrogants gets in the way. To the point of ruining lives of hundreds of people that worked hard for over 30 years in the Company….How tragic of the people that have dedicated a life career (over 30 years) into the company and now will have nothing because of poor mangement. How can a Company get so indebt and not be smart enough to turn it around for themselves. Leads to only one thing…..GREED! I wonder if Paladeau were to pull out his own pocket if he would find that $125,000,000.00 bailout !!! The only lesson to be taught here is to all those employees that will lose their jobs …Beware of Management that is hot-headed,arrogant,short-tempered, stubborn as it is negative energy and it will only pull negativity around them….A lesson to be learned by ALL !!!
    God Bless to All the Employees !


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